Sale August 28th

Had a pretty small sale this Wednesday due to it being so hot out. Next week’s sale we should have a fairly good size run! Please come and check out our barn!


Blog 1- The pioneer Woman is a great blog if you are in to cooking, recipes, books or pretty much all woman’s needs.  I like it because I can get the latest on good recipes as well as cook ware. Another thing I admire is that she is a country girl and most of her dishes are something I would fix for my husband and I. When looking at her page she uses bright colors and this makes her page just look fun with lots of energy.

Blog 2- Rotten Cupcakes is based on another home remedy site that provides you with different information on cooking, recipes, crafts and many more home furnishing things. Her blogs about design and clothing I really enjoy because you can always stay on top of the fashion. She has a lot of crafts that she does and then sells them on etsy. This site it always fun to looks at when you need ideas for your home.

Blog 3-Design Sponge posts a lot of pictures that are fun to look at and use in your everyday world. Her blog post pictures on fashion and home furniture projects. Her pictures are from houses that will have cute designs or ideas in them and then she posts her opinion on them. This site is very easy to use.

Blog 4- National Swine Registry is a blog that I like to follow to see who is winning all the main hog shows throughout the United States. This blog tells you pedigrees, exhibitor names, where the show was and the standings on points. I also enjoy this site because my best friend Katie Maupin works for NSR and I enjoy reading her work and staying up her life.

Blog 5- Missouri Cattlemen’s Association is an organization I have personally been involved in for a long time.  This blog allows you to keep in touch with all the cattlemen and women throughout Missouri. It will update you on all cattle research and conventions that are coming up.

Blog 6- Breeder’s world is a blog that livestock evaluators and buyers should be a part of. On this blog you can follow all the livestock sales throughout the United States. You will get to see some of the best cattle and the best producers making the show market more competitive. The biggest breeders take advantage of this site to see how everyone else calf crop is turning out for the year. You also get to see conversations go back and forth that is very knowledgeable from some of the most top selling breeders.

Blog 7- Heimer Hampshires is a blog our of Missouri blogging all about their family operation with show pigs. This blog shows pictures on their winning show pigs and always talks about what they could do for you. What I love most about this blog is that they randomly post questions with answers so that other breeders can learn from them. The Heimer’s are by far one of the best show pig breeders in Missouri and I like to follow and see where they go.

Blog 8- Hoosier Farm Babe! I absolutely love this blog. She makes is so much fun search down through her blog. What I like the most is that she will tell you straight up on what it is like to date a farmer and how to deal with their career. It’s just really nice to hear that there are other people out there like my husband and me.

Blog 9-Steer Planet is a blog that advertises show cattle that ate trying to be sold. It is very cool because some of the biggest cattle producers will look and this site and comment on your pictures of your cattle. This blog will have show cattle that are trying to be sold and it will have all information needed to contact the individual trying to sell the animal.

Blog 10- The American Shorthorn Association is a blog that I am on quite a bit. I show and raise shorthorn cattle so I am always on here searching the newest updates with the breed. I have shows with most of the employee’s that work at the association so it is fun to see what they are posting and what shows they have been too.